Commonly asked Consignment Questions


When do you accept consignment items? 

Wednesday-Saturday 10-6pm Consignment is open for drop-offs and pay-outs. A consignment associate will be on hand to answer questions and assist with your drop-off.

Sunday 12pm-6pm; Monday and Tuesday 10am-6pm: We are open for our experienced consignors to drop off unassisted.Consignors may still use their credit towards purchases these days, bu we will not be able to do cash payouts. Thanks for understanding!  Please make sure you have your consignor ID number and account last name to complete the above process. 

New Consignors may drop-off Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-6pm.

How much clothing should I bring in to consign? 

First time consignors are allowed to drop off one laundry basket full of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Returning consignors may drop off up to two baskets per week. 

How can I prepare to consign? 

First, click on the links below and read through each form: 

1. Click here to read the Consignment Contract  

2. Click here to read about our list of unacceptable name brands 

3. Click here to read about our list of unacceptable items 

After you read our guidelines, we request that you bring in one basket of acceptable items that are laundered, clean, free of hangers, and/or free of garage sale stickers, pins, and tape. Items will need to be laid flat and unfolded. New consignors are accepted Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. 

How do I collect money for my items after they sell? 

When your product sells your account will be credited 40% of the selling price automatically. You may use your account balance as store credit towards a purchase at anytime. About twice a year we double consignor balances and place it on a gift card that never expires! Sign up for store emails to take advantage of this incentive! Consignors may take their account balance out in cash Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. 

How do I check on my account? 

You may come in anytime during consignment hours and use the self-check-in kiosk to view your account balance. If you have any questions for consignment or want a cash payout please come to consignment Wednesday through Saturday. Account credit towards a purchase may be used any day of the week.  

What sizes and items do you accept for consignment? 

We accept all seasons all year! All items must be current in style and in like-new condition. We accept clothing and shoes for babies, children, teens, and adults. We do not accept furniture, toys, or baby equipment. For more information on acceptable items and contract details, please click here

What items do you not accept for consignment? 

Click here for a printable list of items that we do not accept for consignment. 

Are there name brands do you not accept for consignment? 

There are no specific brands for children that we do not carry; for adults, click here to see a list of brands that we cannot accept.  

How long are my items on consignment for? 

Your items are on consignment for 120 days. 

How are my items priced?

Your items will be priced based on current market prices and past selling history of similar items. It is our desire to make our consignors a maximum return on their items while still providing the customer with a fair bargain. Each item is evaluated independently. Factors such as brand, style, age, and condition will all play a role in pricing and item acceptance. We certainly appreciate consignor's input with particularly expensive or unique items. On the consignment contract there is a designated section for consignors to inform us about any specific items in their basket.  

Why can't I get my account information over the phone? 

For confidentiality and security purposes, we can only discuss your account in person during consignment hours. We are unable to relay account information over the phone. We apologize for this inconvenience.