Consignment Steps

Consignors follow this process when dropping off clothing for consignment. New consignors are limited to one basket on their first visit; returning consignors may drop off two baskets per week. We request that items are laid flat and unfolded with a contract attached. 

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Step 1: 

First, you will grab a basket in the drop off room to transfer your items into. 

If you are a new consignor, you will need to speak with a consignment associate to create an account before dropping off your items.

We only accept new consignors Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am-6pm. No scheduled appointment is necessary.

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Step 2: 

Second, you will transfer your items FLAT and UNFOLDED into your basket. Please remove all hangers, boxes or bags, and any garage sale stickers.

Please make sure you are dropping off items that are freshly laundered, in current style, flawless, and ready to sell. 

For all questions regarding consignment please visit our Consignment FAQs page by clicking here. 

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Step 3: 

Last, You will use the self-kiosk to print off a contract for your basket.

In order to print a contract you must have your consignor ID number and the last name associated with the account.

If you are dropping off two baskets you will need to print off two contracts.

Please read your contract and initial and sign the designated areas.

Finally, you will use a clothespin to clip your contract to your basket. 

Click here for a printable consignment contract.